John MacDonald, owner-operator of Palatable Partners has been distributing, here in Queensland, specialty foodstuffs for the past decade. Prior to this he ran a successful delicatessen-and-catering business. In establishing the delicatessen, back in the early 80's, quality cheese was predominately sourced from Europe and Australia. Specialty cheese was also emerging albeit in a very small way. Specialty cheese and dairy product, particularly Australian farmhouse varieties, remains the main focus of Palatable Partners. However, in listening intently to their customers' particular needs their product range has become broader based and now embraces very high quality pasta, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and much, much more to meet the needs of the discerning chef and consumer alike. Palatable Partners will remain a small, personalised, specialty food business comprising of a quality team of people behind it with considerable experience in the hospitality industry.

Unit 2, 77 Riverside Place Morningside 4170 Queensland Australia, Telephone (+61) 07 - 3899 5266, Fax (+61) 07 - 3899 5288