At Palatable Partners we pride ourselves in offering other inclusive services to our customers. Already some of our valued clients have sought our advice in respect of the following areas:

Menu Planning and Spelling:

John MacDonald's considerable experience plus that of Peter's first hand experience, both here and overseas as former head chef, can guide and refine your menu planning process.
Correct Spelling – it is really important! The testimony to a good menu is whether the names of the dishes are spelt correctly. Why not draw on our wealth of knowledge.

Wine List Planning:

John MacDonald, an Australian national wine show judge, has spent a number of years as a wine educator and has been privileged to assist many notable restaurants with the construction of their wine list.
Let us share this knowledge with you.

Food and Wine Matching:

Wine and Food, once seen as two separate disciplines, now very much at the forefront of restaurateurs and consumers thoughts, as to compatibility and the need for balance.
You need to be aware…..

Food Hygiene Management:

Advice offered mainly in the areas of food storage and elimination of cross-contamination.
Staff Training (Kitchen & Front of House):
An enthusiastic deli assistant and/or chef and a great product. What's missing? -The knowledge to sell the product and promote its various culinary applications.
We provide the knowledge through a continuing programme of in-house staff training.

Tasting Notes/Presentations etc:

Take a wine dinner, maybe with a guest winemaker. Tasting notes on the wines are at hand, but what about the food?
Cheese tasting notes can make a fine informative contribution to a meal, as could more detail on some of the dishes.
Let us provide this information for your next wine dinner.

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