Calendar Springs Cheddar

Origin: Southern NSW
Milk source: Cow

This great table cheese is a bitey 24 month matured cheddar, characterised by its “close” texture.

Enterprize Whey Red Wax Cheddar

Origin: Queensland, Australia
Milk Source: Cow
Type: Cheddar
Approximate age: 9-12 months

The natural whey starter used to make this cheese is ‘home grown’ with a method that was used before industrial starters were introduced in the 1880’s. Natural starters provide the cheese with a unique combination of active microbes important for secondary fermentation and flavour development. After 9 months maturation the cheese develops a distinctive crumbly texture and slightly sweet flavour typical of cheddar using this technique.


Origin: Gippsland, Victoria
Milk source: Cow
Type: Hard cooked
Approximate age: 18 months

Using biodynamic milk collected only from the farm’s herd of Friesian cows, Steven Brown makes this cheese on his Piano Hill farm in Gippsland to a traditional Gouda style.  Matured the traditional way for 18 months under a natural breathing rind, the cheese has changed from being mild and creamy to become quite condensed with a hint of pasture and a slightly sweet nutty aftertaste.

Jacks Cheddar

Origin: Australia
Milk Source: Cow
Type: Cheddar

Matured for a minimum of 12 months, it has a moist crumbly texture, butter mouth feel and plenty of flavour.

Lescure Butter

Origin: Charente, South West France
Classification: Co-operative
Milk Source: Cow
Type: Salted and Unsalted
Form: 125g / 250g

Premier Grand Cru butter made in the village of Claix in South West France.  Rich milk is produced there throughout the year and the exceptional quality enables fresh cultured and salted butter to be produced without the need to freeze or hold the product for long periods. The quality of ingredients and slow churning techniques have ensure that Lescure butter is recognised as one of the premier butter brands in France and the delicious sweet creamy flavours linger with a clean creamy aftertaste on the palate.

Enterprize Foundation Blue

Origin: Victoria, Australia
Milk Source: Cow

This distinctive blue-veined double cream cheese is handmade especially from a mixture of Friesian and Jersey milk.  The unique blue cultures are grown on bread before being added to the fresh curd, once drained and salted the cheeses are maturated slowly in cool humid rooms for over 3 months.

When mature it has a very sweet lingering creamy finish balanced with a hint of strong blue mold.

Enterprize Brie

Origin: Gippsland, Victoria.

White mould surface ripened Brie style with a luscious creamy texture. Superb flavour for those who choose to enjoy their Brie fully ripened.