Purrumbete Buffalo Cheese

Shaw River Dancing Brolga

Origin: Victoria, Australia
Milk Source: Buffalo
Type: Semi Hard
Form: Waxed Round 1kg
Approx. age: 3 months
Fat content: 34%

Taking its name from the waterbirds that frequent the lakes and crater region of the Western district of Victoria.  This unusual ivory white cheese is made using a washed curd technique.  The rich characteristics of buffalo milk produce a cheese with an open moist texture. Mild and creamy in flavour, with a slight citrus tang.

Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella

Origin: Victoria

The rich milk of the Buffalo lends itself beautifully to the making of this very traditional style cheese. Buffalo Mozzarella has a distinctive tangy flavour and a more “stringy” texture that sets it quite apart from the more common cows milk bocconcini.

Shaw River Buffetta

Origin: Victoria

A unique feta made with buffalo milk. Brilliant white in colour, Buffetta is made with less salt than many other varieties to give the cheese a unique sweet and nutty flavour.