Woodside Charleston

Origin: Woodside, Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Soft white mould cheese made in the Normandy Camembert style from France. Made from Jersey milk, which gives the centre a rich yellow creamy texture, golden in colour and a delight to try.

Woodside Goats Curd

Origin: Woodside Cheese Wrights, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Cheesemakers: Simon Burr & Paula Jenkins

A fresh, soft curd style that resembles stiff cream. A versatile cheese for savoury and sweet application.

Woodside Edith

Origin: South Australia
Cheesemakers: Simon Burr & Paula Jenkins

Dense bodied cheese made to a traditional French method; the cheese is made from goat’s milk and is ashed on the outside to enhance the cheese to form a crust or rind and also to stop it drying out. When young it is mild and as it ages to six weeks becomes nuttier and more complex in flavour.

Aged Edith

Origin: South Australia
Milk Source: Goat

Aged Edith is a mature Edith’s cheese, when this cheese is aged for between two and four months it becomes firm with a very smooth texture, the flavours sharpen and a distinct blue influence becomes evident.  If the cheese is hard it can be grated on top of pasta – for an excellent and simple dish try it with pasta, a good olive oil and grilled prosciutto. It is equally popular on the cheese plate with dried muscatels and a sticky wine!

Woodside Cheddar

Origin: Woodside, Adelaide Hills South Australia

Style: Cheddar
Milk source: Cow

Usually only released when one year old and has achieved a full natural crust.  The taste, reminiscent of characteristic English farm-made cheddars, lacks the obvious ‘butter’ texture of many commercially made Australian cheddar styles, but takes on a beguiling dry, savoury texture that is followed by a long mellow finish.

McLaren Vale Traditional Camembert

Origin: Woodside Cheesewrights, Adelaide Hills, S.A.

This is a traditional style Camembert made form the milk of Friesian Cows. It won Champion of Show in the June 2001 Dairy Industry Association of Australia cheese judging.

Woodside Capricorn

Origin: Woodside Cheesewrights, Adelaide Hills, S.A.

A surface- ripened cheese, using a Camembert recipe with goat’s milk. Excellent eating when younger or when fully matured and softer in texture.

Woodside Moulin Picnic

Origin: Woodside Cheesewrights Adelaide Hills S.A.

Made in the style of a traditional farmhouse tomme. Made from cow’s milk, the Moulin is a semi- firm washed rind cheese. Characterised by a mildly aromatic flavour that is enhanced by the growth of blue-Grey moulds.