Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley White

Origin: Pokolbin, Hunter Valley
Cheesemaker: Peter Curtis

A young ‘tomme’ style of cheese made with a natural rind.  In a style, not unlike a traditional Italian Taleggio but not possessing the same level of maturation.  Light yeasty aroma with a soft, slightly stretchy paste with light-medium strength of flavour depending on its age.

Hunter Valley Gold Washed Rind

Origin: Hunter Valley, New South Wales

This dairy produces handmade gourmet soft cheeses and specialise in washed rind and white mould surface ripened cheese. This firm favourite and a great introduction to the washed rind cheese style. It is characterised by a subtle flavour and a unique golden outside colour. Made of cow’s milk, this cheese can be eaten at various stages of its maturity.

Hunter Valley Smear Ripened

Origin: Hunter Valley NSW
Cheesemaker: Peter Curtis

This smear ripened washed rind has a robust flavour with a unique pungency and strength. This cheese is at home with its famous French counterparts. A cow’s milk cheese with a smooth and creamy texture and a unique flavour. As this cheese matures it gains an intensity of flavour.

Hunter Valley Grape Vine Ashed Brie

Origin: Hunter Valley, NSW

This can be enjoyed as a young curd style cheese or allowed to mature into a full- flavoured Brie. The grapevine ash is dusted over by hand and helps to slow the maturation process. Awarded the Gold Medal in the 1999 Specialist Cheesemaker Awards.

Hunter Valley Branxton White Mould Brie

A surface ripened cheese, deliciously soft and creamy. Handmade and unstablised this cheese will ripen with an alive, fresh mouth feel and delightful mushroom flavour.