Jindi Camembert

Origin: Gippsland, Victoria

Made in the classic Camembert style. A white mould cheese with a golden centre and creamy texture.  This cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a creamy mild flavour.

Jindi Brie

Origin: Jindivick, Gippsland Victoria

Traditional, hand crafted cheese with a high proportion of rich full cream Jersey milk. Luscious creamy style with a light tang to taste and rich texture. In March this year, Jindi Brie was officially declared the World’s Best Cheese at the World Cheese Contest. It is also a consistent Gold Medal winner at the Australian Dairy Awards.

Jindi Triple Cream (Brie Style)

Origin: Jindivick, Gippsland, Victoria.
Cheesemaker: Craig Sceney

A full cream Jersey cows’ milk cheese that has been enriched with double cream. Very buttery colour and texture when young that picks up a more lactic character with complexity as it ages.

Jindi Blue

Origin: Gippsland, Victoria
Cheesemaker: Craig Sceney
Milk Source: Cow

This hand-made blue cheese is crafted from a century old recipe from Northern Italy. The cheese possesses a smooth, velvety body with a slightly open texture coupled with a distinct well-rounded flavour.

The cheese displays a fine network of blue vein and when young has a delicate mild blue flavour, reminiscent of Gorgonzola. When fully mature the cheese reaches a full and unique blue flavour