Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Farmhouse Cheeses

Cheesemakers: Liz and Mos Howard
Origin: South Australia

Kangaroo Island, situated off the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia has in recent times come to gourmet’s attention with wonderful cheese and cream. This small operation is only in its fifth year of operation producing true farmhouse style utilising only cows milk from their own dairy herd.

Kangaroo Island Brie

Cheesemakers: Liz and Mos Howard
Origin: Kangaroo Island (off the Fleurieu Peninsula), South Australia

A unique cheese that is made only with the cows milk from the dairy’s own herd in the true farmhouse style. Made in a smaller format than most Brie styles, when young it has a smooth texture and mild lactic flavour that increases to a full rich flavour when ripe.

Kangaroo Island Camembert

Origin: South Australia.
Cheesemaker: Liz Howard

A lovely soft and creamy textured style with a mild, lactic flavour that develops with age.