Meredith Bamganie Blue

Origin: Western Victoria
Milk Source: Sheep’s Milk

This blue cheese is made from 100% ewe’s milk in the French Roquefort style. Meredith Blue has a lovely silky texture, along with some tangyness and lingering aftertaste. Cheese is best enjoyed without the crust.

Meredith Dairy Goats Milk Blue

Origin: Western Victoria
Milk Source: Goat
Form: 1kg round

A complex blue cheese with a natural rind and soft, stark white body, flecked with light blue mould.  A mild blue mould flavour is apparent when the cheese is young, yet earthy and stronger when aged, without the strong goat flavour. The flavours and the velvet like mouth feel, longer long after eating.

Meredith Goats Feta

Origin: WesternVictoria

This cheese is made from pure goat’s milk which when separated is left to drain overnight, therefore retaining some moisture. It is marinated in garlic infused extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs and spices.

Meredith Chevre

Origin: WesternVictoria

This is a fresh style goat’s chevre with a soft, paste-like texture. Suitable for crumbling and grilling.


Origin: WesternVictoria

A unique white mould goat’s cheese. A clean and mild flavour with a slightly harder texture than most fresh curd cheeses.


Origin: WesternVictoria

Inspired by the French style farmhouse Brie, this is believed to be the first white mould ripened Ewe’s milk cheese ever produced. A milder cheese when young, the flavour becomes full- bodied with maturity.

Ashed Pyramids

Origin: WesternVictoria

A goat’s cheese reminiscent of the style found in Central France. Soft and creamy with a mild flavour, the ash on the outside is to neutralise some of the natural acidity.


Origin: WesternVictoria

This goat’s cheese is younger than the Caprini, with a softer texture and more moisture. White mould surface ripened, the interior has a soft texture and a mild flavour.